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لنز کانن Canon 70-300

 جزئیات :

Lens construction 18 elements in 12 groups, including diffractive optical elements
Coating Super Spectra Coating
Diagonal angle of view 34° - 8° 15’
Vertical angle of view 19° 30’ - 4° 35’
Horizontal angle of view 29° - 6° 50’
AF Drive system Ring USM
Manual focusing Enabled with focus mode switch and focusing ring (full-time manual focusing)
Focusing range 1.4m to infinity (at all zoom focal lengths)
Maximum magnification (x) 0.06 (Wide); 0.19 (Tele)
Mount type Canon EF mount
Minimum aperture f/32-38 (f/32-40 for cameras featuring 1/3-stop increments)
Aperture blades 6 (circular type)
Filter diameter 58mm
Diameter x Length (mm) 82.4 x 99.9
Weight (g) 720
Lens Hood ET-65B
Lens Cap E-58U
Lens Case LP1116
Extension Tube EF12 II Compatible
Extension Tube EF25 II Compatible
EF 1.4x II or EF 2x II Not compatible
Image Stabilizer (IS) Included; activated by pressing the shutter button halfway
IS modes • Mode 1: normal image stabilization
• Mode 2: unidirectional image stabilization
IS max. deviation Approx. 0.9mm
IS max. correction angle Approx. 0.43° (at telephoto, infinity)
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پرشین کانن نمایندگی فروش دوربین های دیجیتال کانن - آدرس : خیابان ناصر خسرو بالاتر از صور اسرافیل پلاک 198-فروشگاه 110 تلفن : 33998115-33998116